Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Understanding Ascension: The Multi-Dimensional Body

We use these terms in spiritual circles, in regards to our experience, and often I am amazed to find people use the words but don't really understand them.

I want to dispel any misconceptions, because I find it absolutely meaningful for you to really fully comprehend your Awakening experience, in order to enjoy it to the fullest, and be in control over your process and actions.

We understand what we are Awakening to; the truth of our spiritual connectedness to the Universe, and all life, and the nature of our very soul and being. We know we are more than simply human beings; we are infinite beings of Gods creative Love and Life, expressed in a physical body, gaining experience in the realm of polarity, as part of an endless experience of action and reaction in the Universe of free will and karma.

I want to discuss a few of the usual key terms, and what they truly mean to you and your spiritual journey. If I leave anything out it's probably not pertinent to my train of thought at this time. But for now I want to look at:


We live on the level of conscious reality called the Third Dimension. We are living in a template of sight, form, mass, quantity, volume, and being. We experience everything through the filter of mind and heart and intuition, and as we begin to awaken to our infinite souls nature, we realize that there are higher dimensional realms, and lower ones as well, which are part of the great Oneness of the Universe. The lower the dimensional realm, the heavier the weight and density of its reality, the slower it vibrates. You remember science class, and the particle theory? When particles are cooled they slow their vibratory rate, and move more slowly and heavily. When particles are heated they speed up vibrationally and move more quickly.

When our spirit engages within the physical body, it does so through the etheric body of aura and chakras. When the etheric body is "heated" by raising the vibration to a higher rate of frequency, through meditation, or shamanic voyage, or ritual, we then "lighten" the body's and their ability to be aware of a higher dimensional reality. The same is said when someone becomes heavily entrenched in the 3D reality they are living in, and deprive the spirit its needs; they will vibrate more slowly, experiencing mainly the 3rd dimensional reality, or lower. A lower dimensional reality would feel like "hell" in that you are not aware of the Light and infinite nature of Love in all of life, and you would be cut off from your chakras, aura, and spirit. This would feel lonely, lead to isolation, depression, likely even leads one ego into delusions, and possibly psychotic disconnection. This is why much of the world seems to be so lacking in love, compassion, and enlightenment; many human beings are spiritually disconnected, and they energetically reside on a base dimensional reality and vibration. They are living within their own personal "hell on earth" in that they are only perceiving the physical, and not the spiritual.

Ascension is the process of raising  your personal frequency, your electricity, your aura, and your Chakras, to a higher vibrational rate, which enables you to perceive higher dimensional realms and realities. It is at these higher levels of reality our souls reside, our guides, the saints and angels and ascended masters. When you consciously undertake a journey of Awakening, intending to ascend your energy, it is to do so in order to be in unity with the higher dimensional beings in the Universe, in order to live a truth which transcends physicality. This is not just a spiritual theory, but rather a scientific fact; we are water, carbon, and electricity. We are made of billions of atoms which are 90% empty space within each of them. These atoms comprise particles and cells which are constantly in motion in the physical form; your intention, and understanding of yourself, the Universe, and love, can either speed or slow the vibration of your own personal energy fields; your meridians, aura, and Chakras. And this leads me to the next item I believe needs understanding:


We are vibrational beings of electricity and water, right? That is a given, we understand this. You hear spiritualists talk about the importance of being grounded, but do you really understand what this means? If you were to enter an electronics manufacturing plant, chances are you'd be asked to plug in before entering the shop floor, or "grounding" yourself. If you did not ground, and touched circuitry chances are you'd conduct electrical static, which could potentially damage the circuitry. Our bodies are natural conductors of electricity, making us very susceptible to being shocked, and conducting that shock or pulse. You've rubbed your feet along the carpet, touched someone and shocked them? Or rubbed a rubber balloon against your hair, causing your hair to stand on end? We conduct electric energy. When we are working actively at a spiritual Awakening we start to do things designed to heighten our frequency and raise it to reach higher spiritual states of awareness and consciousness. And as we 'ascend' energetically we speed our vibratory rate, which generates more electrical power. If we don't ground we run the risk of experiencing spiritual "shock"!

These shocks evidence themselves as premature kundalini blossoming, which can lead to psychotic episodes in people who are not spiritually mature enough to access this powerful life energy. If you try to run before you can walk you're going to fall down; and this is true of our spiritual journey. So when a spiritualist recommends you "ground" or "center" yourself before meditating, or working with your Chakras or energy, what they are suggesting is that you quite literally ground yourself to the earth, and center your energy centers so that as you raise your vibration you are "insulated" against spiritual shock!


Grounding is the process of taking your own personal vibration and extending it into the Earth, so that it takes root within the very dense and heavy vibration of the planet itself, in order to help you stay connected to your physical body, and to help your Chakras remain centered between "above" and "below". You are the midway point between Heaven and Earth, and as such, when you go exploring higher dimensional planes of reality,  you shift a balance within your energy vortex and structure. When raising or ascending energetically, be sure to extend yourself energetically into the lower energies of the Earth; this assures that no matter where you "go" in an astral sense, you will be firmly connected to your physicality.

As you can see at this point in reading, you are absolutely much more than a spirit living in a body; you are a vibratory being of light, frequency, vibrations and waves; and as you gain spiritual knowledge and seek to reach higher states of consciousness, you become responsible for the energy within and around you. It then becomes important to keep your home cleansed of negative energy, as when we travel in the astral realms, we bring "back" with us whatever we've encountered. At times your meditations or visions can end up attracting stray spirits or energy patterns, who are drawn to your brilliant vibrational light! So when you are finished any ritual, meditation, or energy work, take a few moments to cleanse your atmosphere and body, and then also:

Cut Cords

As we travel energetically and astrally, we meet with guides, angels, ether-dimensional beings, and can form relationships and attachments with them. You are familiar with cutting cords to rid yourself of painful physical relationships with people on Earth, but have you ever thought about the cords you have etherically? They exist, and while they may be rooted in loving relationships with your angelic friends and family of light, you owe it to them and yourself to cut those cords to remain independent, rather than co-dependent. You can visualize a white bubble of light encircling you, and as it does, picture it melting away any cords or energy strings of light coming out of your body or aura. This is like the end of a hug, and on a psychic level it demonstrates to the Universe that you respect the beings of Light who are assisting you, and respect your self enough to not have to rely upon them. Lest we become energy vampires, it's just good manners to cut cords after any energy work is done.


You are a person on Earth with a physical body, which is surrounded by 7 layers of an auric body, which houses 7 main primary Chakras. These invisible layers of your spiritual bodies are as real and impactful as your physical body. So get into the practise of understanding how those bodies function, and then how to keep them clean and well maintained. You cut your hair, trim your nails, bathe, and brush your teeth, all in an effort to keep your physical body well taken care of. So too should you meditate, breathe, center, ground, and honor your energetic bodies and the higher dimensional realities you encounter when performing Light-work of any kind.

As the Oracle at Delphi said, "know thyself." Once you truly understand the electric vibratory state of being of your etheric spiritual bodies, and how they relate directly to the physical body you inhabit, it becomes so much more obvious how we not only impact our surroundings, but how they impact us. So know thyself, and continue to strive to know thyself. The process of Awakening is not a grand epiphany moment; no one "Wakes up" all at once and knows everything. Awakening is a series of epiphanies in a lifetime, that reach higher states of awareness, and help one access higher realms of truth. Focus on the journey, not a destination, and don't let your ego interfere with your Awakening. It isn't about your personal identification as the person you've been trained to be; it is about the truth residing within your heart, intuition, and soul; these are the things we reach for in a spiritual Awakening.

I wish you bright blessings, on your infinite journey of self-realization and awakening. Love,

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