Monday, April 28, 2014

April Frequency Shift: Something's Shaking!

Anyone sensitive to the shifting energy and atmosphere around us all, whether you call it aura, or emf, or "the force", knows that in the last couple of weeks things have vamped up, ramped up, and have definitely been amped up!

I don't know what's going on for you, but for me personally it's been an up cycle of heightened dreams, deja vu's, intuition, and premonition. A couple of weeks ago the dreams started to become more intense, and that usually signifies the beginning of a new cycle for me on a conscious level. I dreamed of some pretty intense stuff in the last couple of weeks, and even blew my own mind at the level of detail and authenticity. You know when you wake up confused as to where you are, who you are...

Since the lunar eclipse last week, and the waning of the full moon since then it's as though someone has turned the vibrate button to "High". I'm finding that where I was feeling sluggish and dopey coming out of my winter hibernation, I'm now beginning to feel alive, vibrant, and more aware. This comes with an intense sense of "buckle up, here we go!" and I intuitively feel this is not just a personal occurrence in my own life, but a global event. 

We don't all experience the up's and down's of life, and Awakening at the same times, but at this time there is energy on Earth that is designed for everyone. When something like this happens, it feels like a big galactic party which we've all been invited to, and it can cause a lot of what some call "ascension symptoms" to become unruly. So don't be surprised if you're experiencing heightened dream recall, an abundance of nervous energy, possible bouts of insomnia, and the full body tingle that we've grown accustomed to on this journey of spiritual exploration. 

You know you're carbon, and water, and electricity; when you access "higher" levels of energy, as we're doing right now, you're likely going to feel your electrical field respond to the stimulus in ways like itching, tingling, or static-like skin. Your scalp may tingle and vibrate. You may feel a deep heavy pressure between your eyebrows at your third eye chakra. The symptoms of awakening are old hat to most of us by now I'd guess, so I'll skip the details as I don't want to bore you. And if you're feeling what I'm feeling right now chances are you are easily side tracked right now, as the electric energy around you is inspiring you artistically and creatively. 

But Why?

So why do we go through these intense "Up" cycles after long periods of dormancy or "down" times? It just makes sense, when you learn an intense amount of information you have to put the book down for a while and let it all sink in. When you've eaten a large plate of food you need to get up from the table and let it digest. And in this way we also need periods of quiet inactivity spiritually in order to re-ground, let what we've absorbed sink in, and prepare for the next big energetic shift. 

What do these shifts do?

Why are we experiencing them? I could give you reasons and sell them with amazing self-assurance, but that would simply be my ego reaching at explanations in order to sooth myself, and you in turn. The truth is, none of us can truly know 100% of what is going on spiritually speaking; we are in the skin, we can only follow our intuition, and let our gut instincts guide us on this path. Does it feel right? Yes. Is it leading somewhere? No idea. The rewards lay in the journey, not the destination. And each time the universe sends more of this enlightening energy towards the planet we all gain valuable frequency, which we can use to further cultivate our own spiritual discovery.

So utilize times like this to the best of your ability, and flex your intuition. What I do with my Up cycle may be different from what you do, and that's as it should be; my path isn't your path. When the energy turns up like this I tend to want to reach outwards from my consciousness and connect to a Higher state of being, through meditation, Chakra energy work and healing, and guided shamanic imagery voyaging. I will use this time to flex my creative muscles, as I find I am most productive at creating anything when filled with inspired fertile energy; which we are receiving in droves right now.

Do what feels right for you. I guess we've got another couple of weeks of this intense influx of cosmic energy before it shifts down into a gentler grade, and eventually peters back out to the "norm". So follow your heart, it's a super time to learn, create, build, and start new projects. Its also a fantastic time to connect with nature, either individually or in groups, to welcome the Spring, or Beltane, and to send healing energy to mankind through energy and body work.

I would love to hear how you're feeling at this time, so please feel free to respond, or drop me a tweet, and let me know what's going on for you during this intense time of energetic reception!

And remember my sweet friends, the most important thing you can do is just seek to be the peace that IS within you; so focus on what gives you joy, speak your highest truth from a place of pure and deep love, and remember to drink plenty of clean water, and get lots of valuable sleep, rest, or quiet time. 

With all my love; hold on tight - we're on one heck of a ride!

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